Packing for solo trip to SEA
First selfie – ever.

I’m Nan Adams, an Older Woman @ Large.  A passionate traveler, I’m journeying solo, on a very moderate budget, to South East Asia for 82 days during the winter of 2017-2018 . This is a part of the world I’ve never been before. I’m taking hopes and dreams, a small backpack and a list of countries I’m excited about visiting: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. In the last few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time happily researching traveling in and around these countries. My personal, particular areas of interest are: the people and customs of SEA; food, cooking and cuisines; natural and unnatural wonders; regional design and art forms; architecture; wildlife, flowers and birds; with an emphasis on how to see and experience all of this and more, fairly comfortably, very safely, and on the cheap.

For ease of mind I’ve planned and organized all transportation and places to stay for the first two weeks of my trip. After that, we’ll see. Come with me! I’ll share with you my fears and funds; the planning, the packing and the modes and details of travel; sights, smells, tastes, thoughts and feelings; things that go right and things that don’t; a bit of geography, some history, some herstory. Being on my own I’ll have time to read and write, explore what interests me, stop and rest when I want to, learn as I go at my own speed, and adjust to changing circumstances in spontaneous ways. I’d enjoy your company and your comments. Suggestions of favorite places in this part of the world, welcome.